Krivograd Guesthouse

Guest house in the heart of Carinthia

Starting from €25


At Krivograd Guesthouse, we try to please our guests as much as possible, which is why we have made sure that our rooms are comfortable, quiet, airy, sunny, and therefore suitable for a comfortable rest.

dvoposteljna soba
družinska soba
družinska soba

3 stars

Flexible menu

Comfortable rooms

Dog-friendly guest house

Garage for two-wheelers

Large parking space

koroška kmečka dila

Carinthian dishes

In our kitchen, we always prepare dishes using healthy ingredients, with a unique addition of the richness of the Carinthian region. Combine the experience of discovering Carinthia’s natural beauty with relaxation while enjoying the excellent dishes selected by our chefs! On a richly laden table, each dish brings you a special experience.