The restaurant of the Krivograd Inn offers a wide range of specialities that will simply delight you!”

In our kitchen, we always prepare dishes using healthy ingredients, with a unique addition of the richness of the Carinthian region. Combine the experience of discovering Carinthia’s natural beauty with relaxation while enjoying the excellent dishes selected by our chefs! On a richly laden table, each dish brings you a special experience. 

We can also prepare food for you to take home

“At Krivograd, we also prepare your meals so you can take them home with you.”

It often happens that you don’t have time to sit and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the Krivograd Inn, but you like to eat with us and taste our specialities. That’s why we have made it possible for our guests to order their food in advance and pick it up from us.”

We make sure you can take the food home (or to work) and surprise your loved ones.