Granny’s kitchen

We’ll prepare the dishes you used to eat as a child on holiday with your grandparents.”

We can also prepare old, original local Carinthian specialities for you, based on recipes from our bic. Our daily specials include:

  • kvočevi nudlni (sealed pockets filled with dried pears),
  • blackberry strudel (blueberry strudel),
  • japkin strudel (apple strudel),
  • homemade noodles for the harbour (homemade soup noodles),
  • cheese povitneki (cottage cheese strudels),
  • restana r’pica (roast potatoes),
  • Koroška rustic dila,
  • tousti grumpi (thick cracklings),
  • hrenov zos (horseradish bread),
  • beef soup with curd pockets and chives (beef soup with curd pockets and chives), and
  • štranklni (green beans) – seasonal.