“The beginnings of the catering trade in the Krivograd Guesthous date back to the early nineties, when we started to work on the hired premises of the Stopar Restaurant.”

1994 – letting the Restaurant from the Stopars, Poljana 7a

1996 – first night’s lodgings in the Krivograd Apartment in Tolsti Vrh

1997 – moving to the neighboring restaurant “Topler”, Poljana 10a

1998 – opening of 9 rooms, total capacity 22 beds

1998 – opening of the Aurora Disco

2001 – renovation of two small catering premises (museum image archive Carinthia)

2002 – additional 4 rooms, total capacity 33 beds

2004 – purchase of the neighboring business premises

2005 – opening of four new modern furnished rooms, total capacity 45 beds

2008 – renovation of larger restaurant premises for 80 people

2009 – blessing the Krivograd Guesthouse

2011 – transfer of the catering activities from Sonja Krivograd to daughter Zarja Krivograd